A New World is the first episode of the Aidraxa reboot. It introduces Aidraxa, Camaron, the Eians and the supporting cast on Earth.

Plot Summary

We begin with a brief history of the war between the Raconians and the Eians, then cut to present day where Aidraxa is fighting Camaron. Meanwhile, the Eians are aboard a space station orbiting Raconia, and fire a beam of Avion Energy at the planet. Upon seeing the blast, Aidraxa goes to intercept it, Camaron putting aside the battle and offering to help Aidraxa, who shoots him down, claiming that he doesn't need his help. Aidraxa (as Powerup) begins to absorb the blast, but the energy begins to mutate him. He then goes to attack the Eian's space station, and accidentally destroyed the station's teleporting system, resulting in a astral anomaly.

Aidraxa wakes up in an alien location and is suddenly hit by a vehicle, giving him a concussion and memory loss. The driver of the vehicle, guilty that he was responsible, takes Aidraxa to his home to recover. That night, Aidraxa has visions of an Eian monster (named a child of Avion), and begins to regain his memory. The episode ends with him remembering his name and introducing himself to his new human friends.




Supporting characters

Richard Johnson

Janet Johnson




Unnamed Child of Avion


By Aidraxa:




By Camaron:





This episode shares it name with the previous pilot to the Aidraxa series.

Eians ranks are first seen, along with the canon backstory to the Raconian/Eian war.

Avion energy is believed to be the Eian's equivalent to Nova Energy.

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