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Cyclaps is one of Juliatus' five main transformations and not frequently used, but still one of the strongest transformations Juliatus has

Body biology

Cyclaps is a somewhat stronger Cyclops than the average and is white instead of stereotypical Earth brown. Cyclaps has a couple of special organs

Energy tank: This stomache like organ holds all energy Cyclaps uses and is expanded while in Ultraform

Energy veins: Right beneath the blood veins there are energy veins which transport the energy Cyclaps needs to attack to the desired bodypart

Energy atom storage: These are used to generate the electricity around Cyclaps to add more volts to the attack

Energy atom veins: These are in the spinal cord and pituitary gland which release these atoms

All with all, Cyclaps is one weird guy


Cyclaps (As stated) Is pure white, with a lot, and I mean, A LOT of physical strenght, he has a nose which is very close to his mouth and one, red pupiled, eye, he has green hair which is put in a mohawk, he has ripped clothes and bare feet


Cyclaps can store and shoot energy, these forms of energy can be shot in several ways, these are ordered from weak to strong

Shuirkens: Energy can be turned into a star which has 1000000 volts at the ends, these can already kill children from 2 to 12 years old

Fire: Cyclaps can also shoot fire made of this energy containing 1000000 volts on the outside and 10000 times more in the core, this could paralyze or even kill an Indian Elephant

Unaimed beam: Cyclaps can shoot beams at random, which contain the power of the shuirkens and fire in one, this could destroy a city

Aimed beam: If Cyclaps shoots at a specific thing, it could even give such a shock, it would generate 3.45 jittawatts, if you've seen Back To The future, you know that's a lot

Focussed beam: It starts as two beams, as strong as an aimed beam, then they become one which could start WW III, that's how powerful Cyclaps is


Cyclaps made it into the two completed Juliatus series (Without showing it's powers)

But his power is fully shown in Apocalypse, one of Aidraxa's series


Cyclaps actually EVOLVED from Juliatus

Although Juliatus wears different clothing than Cyclaps, Cylcaps still doesn't change clothning, and he has never done that

Cyclaps once fired a beam into the sky to see what'd happen and he accidentally created a new planet, containing this much Nova Energy, any Non-Raconian would simply die

As shown in powers, Cyclaps is more like a last resort, although he was Juliatus' first used transformation in Apocalypse

Cyclaps is the 2nd transformation ever made by Juliatus, but he hid it because he couldn't afford starting an intergalactical war

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