Raconian Heroes: Powerless is the online game based on the Raconian Heroes. It is currently in development and is being made by the three creators of the Raconian Heroes.


When an evil villain known as Absorber steals the heroes' Nova Energy, a race against time begins to pursue him and re-obtain the heroes' powers and abilities.


Not much is known yet, but the first level is based on Aidraxa the Alien on Earth. You play as Aidraxa and can hold down a certain key and transform into Speedstar (grants super speed and the Spin Cycle attack, in which the player is temporarily invincible), Glolite (grants flight and a long distance energy beam attack), Hyperon (takes less damage from enemies and has a strong short ranged attack, but is slow) and Powerup (grants the player the ability to regenerate in exchange for some transformation power). The second level is based on Viktolus, and the third is based on Tetraz. We later get to the final boss and transform into AlphaNova. The final boss level can be played as Aidraxa, Viktolus, Tetraz or another, unlockable character such as Salova.



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