Tamsin Rachel Smith (AKA Tammy) is Aidraxa 's best friend and love interest in the Aidraxa the Alien on Earth series.


Tammy is a typical caucasian teenager with short brunette hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a light blue shirt with cream jeans and brown shoes. 


Tammy was simply walking her dog in Rosehill park one day when she let go of the lead, letting her dog wander off. When she found him, he was sniffing the boots of a rather unusual (yet rather cute) boy. Aidraxa. Tammy, embarrassed, quickly left with her dog. They met a few times after, including at school where Aidraxa met Tammy's friends Rebecca and Bethany. The four later met to teach Aidraxa about city life when they heard that he came from far away (but they didn't know just how far yet). That was until they were attacked by a mugger, and Aidraxa transformed into Speedstar to save the day. 

Tammy tried flirting with Aidraxa in the episodes Panic at the Park and Alienated. She failed however, since Aidraxa was not familiar with any of her romantic gestures towards him. Their love grows throughout time.


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